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Apollo 11 WINS at Sundance 2019!!!

Eric took on sound design and re-recording mixer tasks for the ground breaking new documentary APOLLO 11. The film was given a coveted slot at this year's Sundance Fest and took home a Jury Prize! One of the challenges in doing sound for this film was the fact that nearly all of the archival footage used as the basis for the film was MOS (industry speak for silent). So all sounds of crowds, aircraft, rocket ships, footsteps, mission control, etc had to be recreated and made to sound like it came from 1969! The film was given a 1 week IMAX exclusive run starting March 1st and spreads to regular theaters thereafter. It will then air on CNN and finally be given an international "museum" run thereafter. Eric was also incredibly blessed to have his work honored with a spot on the Movie Poster (see below) and a title card (!) during the end of the film!

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